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from by Human Vacuum

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So here I was with mah homies, lookin' for da holy of holies
Da ruby sword dat kills dragizzles, yeah nigga we be lookin for dat shizzle Left da hood, enter da wood, killed as many boars as we could
Elf took a level-up pretty fast, dawg, charisma bonus, dat ass !
At night, da dwarf be cooling like a lazy muthafucka
So da sneak thief attack wuz a bit of a shocka
But man, we stood proud and we made'em flee
But then I realized I was capped in da knee !!

Warriors of steel, we keepin it real Seven seas we'll sail, then we'll chill and bail


Da heala covered mah knee in schwag, dat pussy make me pay for da nickelbag One of dis days imma bust his ass, he only in da crew cuz of his class
Fought zombies, undead shit, all of us be down for critical hits
Bard singin a tune 'bout glory, we looted the shit outta dis army !
We went to the fortress, shit wuz massiv
Threw da dwarf over da walls, wuz super effective !
He got down, summoned some crazy-ass beast
Dem goblin hobos be turned into a feast

Warriors of steel, we keepin it real Seven seas we'll sail, then we'll chill and bail

A magic shield and a whip and a goddamn toaster Bewitched crystal meth and enchated daggers Some hydro, some arrows, everything for a hustler Even some pieces of fuckin armor, biyotch
Unleash the fucking fury... (lead : Nicolas Muller)
Chased by banshees up a tower, dem butterfaces killed our best playa Wizard ended up on a spike, his body got eaten, shit was whack
We shoulda killed more boars fo sho, man da big boss be tearin us all Bard with a phat hole in his head, healer healed nuthin, he be dead Da dwarf had been revived by a necromancy spell
Started rapin da elf, ho wuz screamin like hell Time for me to bounce, get ghost, run away
Dat's how a hobbit brutha gets to live another day

Warriors in a grave, no more worlds they'll save Comrades in a pit, they aint no shiznit


from Enter The Playground, released November 22, 2014
Lyrics : Aurélien Fouet-Barak
Music : Human Vacuum
Guest on guitar solo : Nicolas Müller



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Human Vacuum Châtenay Malabry, France

Un genre de truc hybride. Effrayant. Qui se complaît dans des plaisirs pervers, comme partir d’une base métal / hip-hop qui fait jumper ta soeur et y rajouter des trucs impies… On parle de mélodies post-rock, de textes en français et en anglais, de breaks reggae, de beatdowns dissonants, d’un double chant rappé / hurlé / chanté et Dieu sait quoi encore. ... more

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